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Adult Teardrop Urns | Containers For Human Ashes Both Large and Small Sizes Available

Adult Teardrop Urns | Containers For Human Ashes Both Large and Small Sizes Available

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Large size urn can accommodate from 200 to 290 cubic inch of human ashes in our teardrop, where as small mini urn can accommodate only small token amount of ashes that is approximate 3 cubic inch of ash of an adult human or pet ashes .

  • Available Sizes  :- Large:- 12" Inches | Small Keepsakes - 3 Inches
  • Capacity  :-Large :- 290 cu Inch of Ashes | Small :- 3 tablespoons of ashes
  • Available Colors:- Nickle Plated Silver
  • Return Policy  :-  90 Days Return & Replacement

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Elegance in Grief: The Meaning Behind Teardrop Urns"

Losing a loved one is a deeply emotional and personal experience. In our quest to find meaningful ways to memorialize those we've lost, the choice of a cremation urn becomes a significant decision. Among the many options available, teardrop urns stand out for their poignant symbolism and elegant design.

Symbolism of Teardrop Urns

The teardrop shape is universally recognized as a symbol of sorrow, grief, and the emotional weight of loss. Choosing a teardrop urn can be a deeply personal and symbolic gesture, representing the tears shed for a beloved friend or family member. It's a tangible expression of the mourning process and a way to encapsulate the profound emotions that accompany the grieving journey.

Design and Craftsmanship

Teardrop cremation urns often feature a gracefully curved, tear-shaped design, crafted with care and attention to detail. Materials vary, ranging from metal and wood to ceramic and biodegradable options. The choice of material can add a unique touch to the urn, allowing families to select one that resonates with the personality and preferences of their departed loved one.

Versatility and Meaningful Display

Teardrop urns for adult ashes come in various sizes, making them suitable for holding a portion of cremated remains. Some may also have additional compartments for keepsakes, photos, or personal mementos, providing an intimate space for memories to be cherished.

These urns can be displayed in diverse settings, from homes to memorial spaces. Some families choose to keep teardrop urns on mantels or shelves as a lasting tribute, while others may prefer to scatter the ashes in a place of special significance, allowing the teardrop shape to symbolically return the departed to the earth.

Finding Comfort in Personal Choices

Choosing a teardrop urn is more than selecting a vessel for cremated remains; it's a decision to honor and remember a life in a way that resonates with the grieving process. The elegance and symbolism of teardrop urns offer a source of comfort and a tangible connection to the memories of those we hold dear.

In conclusion, the choice of a teardrop urns for human ashes is a meaningful step in the grieving process, allowing families to find solace and beauty in their tribute to a cherished life. These unique tear drop urns serve as a reminder that, even in the depths of sorrow, there is room for elegance, symbolism, and the enduring power of love.

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