Life doesn't stop, carry on with their memories

We are and can be going forward, under delicate pressure to urge over what is going on. It'll be advised that we tend to move on. Our current grief is solely proportionate to the love we had for the soul which left us. Some day, 20 years down the lane, the memory of what is going on can still be capable of making us sad as if we had just received the news. We would never be ready for such a happening in our life and hence it is completely humane if you are going through the pain today or maybe sometime later too.

Life, an uncertain journey gives no hints sometimes before it gets over. Some people leave us without even a chance to wave them a final goodbye but life doesn't really stop there. We keep moving on with the memories of our near and dear ones. Love is in this sense eternal.

Mourning does not have to have an endpoint. We can bear that this loss will never leave us. Sometimes the memories stay in our hearts, or sometimes we get their pictures framed to stay with us forever with a smiling face of them on walls. There are many more ways to preserve the reminisces of your loved ones. Death is not something we should ever rightly want to overcome. 

Things to do in remembrance of them-

1. Keep their ashes safe with you in cremation urns.

You can select a cremation urn of designs that are available in the market and keep their ashes safe in it with you and keep it in the house at a certain place which they loved the most or where it is visibility of the whole family. This will always make you feel their presence around you.

2. Make a photo book, with your best memories of them

Photos are something we all have with our loved ones. We get clicked on different occasions and some pictures are closer to our hearts than others because they take us to the world of memories where we all enjoyed and wished for many more such moments. Create a photo book in their remembrance which will serve as a gateway for you to travel to time back.

3.Complete the things or projects they were working on but couldn't finish

While people depart from the world, they not only leave our lives empty and incomplete but also there are certain projects and dreams of them which they were working on are left behind them. Try to find out such things and complete them which will give their soul happiness.

4.Donate for a cause in their name which they always wanted to.

While a lot of people work to give back to society in some of the other forms like spread awareness, donate clothes, stationery or money for a cause. Your loved one might also be planning for such things, so take some time out and do that service on their behalf like pay a visit to the church or NGO and offer services.

5. The soul has departed, keep their memories with you

There are many more things which you can do in remembrance of your loved one. Though the grief of demise cannot be imagined these things will make you feel happy that even after the soul has departed from this world, you can feel their presence. Memories are your friends forever which will keep them with you forever.

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