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  • At SIMCS Handicrafts, we are dedicated manufacturers of exquisite candle holders, blending timeless elegance with contemporary aesthetics.
  • With a rich heritage in craftsmanship and a focus on cutting-edge production techniques, we have established ourselves as leaders in the industry.

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Create Your Perfect Ambience With Candle Holders

If you want to transform a space, whether it’s your home or for an event, there is no better way to do this than with candles. While votive or tealight candle holders may only be small, their beauty and ability to disperse light can dramatically change the atmosphere. Whether you want to create a romantic, cozy, chic, intimate, or stylish setting, there’s no better way to get the look you want to achieve than with a candlelight glow.

We are dedicated manufacturers of exquisite candle holders, blending timeless elegance with contemporary aesthetics. With a rich heritage in craftsmanship and a focus on cutting-edge production techniques, we have established ourselves as leaders in the industry.

At SIMCS Handicrafts, we carefully design and craft all of our products by hand. Each delicate and handmade candle decorations are designed to give your décor the perfect finishing touch. We ship all of our items worldwide and ensure they are always carefully packaged and protected so you can enjoy the stunning bespoke designs and dazzling sparkle of crystals wherever you are in the world.

When you are decorating the tables for your wedding, you want to make sure the wedding centerpieces are eye-catching, stylish and unique. By choosing our beautiful crystal candle holders for wedding centerpieces, you can cast each table with a warm, romantic glow. Made from sparkling crystals, these tealight holders will twinkle in the light. Furthermore, they will complement your décor perfectly, whatever your color scheme.

From the day until the night, these votive candleholders for wedding tables require just a tealight. This makes them a really economical way to style your wedding. What’s more, they’ll keep your wedding sparkling throughout your ceremony and all through the celebrations, long into the night.

If you’re looking for an elegant way to decorate your wedding venue, then crystal candle holders for wedding centerpieces offer timeless elegance. With our range of 100% handmade products, you can find the perfect style and tone to suit your color scheme. Furthermore, having the candle and flame encased in a votive makes them much safer for all your wedding guests, so there are no big dramas on your big day.

From dinner parties to significant events, candles are an effective way to style the setting, instantly making the space more inviting. With color and light, they can instantly transform your space. From crystal candle holder for table centerpieces to color votives for decorations, pillar holders, tealight holders with just a selection of perfectly crafted, sparkling crystal tealight holders, you can dramatically enhance your special event and make for a breath-taking setting.

Candle Holders: The Perfect Gifts

It can be so hard to find the perfect present for friends and loved ones. However, you can never go wrong with a thoughtful gift, such as a handmade candle stand. At SIMCS Handicrafts, we create beautiful handmade products that are perfect for any occasion.

With a handmade candle stand that fits a tealight, the recipient can not only have a stylish decoration that can suit any room in the house, but they can use a scented wax candles to fill the whole room with a beautiful fragrance.

For many years, candles have been seen as the ideal present as it symbolizes bringing light to someone’s life. Candles have long been seen in a religious and spiritual context. However, above all, candles can simply add beauty and style as well as their symbolism.

Another reason why candles and holders are great to give to loved ones is because of their mood-boosting properties. The warm glow, calming effect, and relaxing scent of these wax wonders get to work instantly, providing feel-good experience wherever they are used.

By choosing carefully crafted, exquisitely decorated handmade candle containers, your gift shows you really care. Handcrafted crystal candleholders offer a luxurious appeal, which makes it a thoughtful present that shows attention and effort while also suiting any style and personality.

For loved ones, candles can help your recipient to create a cozy, intimate, and relaxing atmosphere in their home. The decorative product will continue to enhance the space, long after you give your thoughtful and touching gift.

Furthermore, you’ll never go wrong by giving a candle holder as a gift because they won’t spoil, will last a long time, will always be the right size to suit a range of spaces. By browsing our range of candle products, you can find the perfect style which will match the personality of the recipient.