Collection: PET URNS

 What are Pet Urns?

Pet urns are similar to the cremation urns used to house human cremated remains, or cremains. They are solid receptacles that hold the cremains of cherished pets for use in memorial displays within your home or the columbariums or mausoleums found in certain pet cemeteries.

Pet cremation urns can be a beautiful way to create a lasting memory to honor the life of your family cat, dog, or other companion animal.

In recent years, pet urns have become more popular as people move away from mass cremations and backyard burials. It’s becoming increasingly important to many people to create a more lasting tribute, a memorial that keeps the memory of their pet within view.

Pet Urn Styles

Compared to human urns, which are generally decorative in a non-thematic way, pet urns tend to include pet-related imagery in their designs. With dog urns, you’ll frequently find designs that feature dog prints, breed details, dog-related sayings, and other dog-specific imagery that makes it instantly clear to a viewer that they’re looking at a pet cremation urn.

The same is true for cat urns, the second most popular pet urn. Designs can include cat prints, cat-related design motifs, and breed-specific details that evoke fond memories of the deceased pet.

In many cases, custom urns are available that incorporate the deceased pet's name, either as a design element or as a simple plaque mounted on the front of the urn.

Optionally, decorative urns without any pet-specific design elements are also available. These are a good choice if a more classic urn style is preferred, one that echoes the sorts of designs available in human cremation urns.

Urns Cover a Wide Range of Animal Companions

There are pet urns made to house the cremains of dogs, cats, birds, reptiles, and even horses. The sizes of these urns are customized to house the ashes of the various companion animals and can get quite large for larger animals.

Whether your plan is to create a memorial in your home, place your pet in a cemetery, or place the urn in the ground, there are urns made in a variety of materials to accommodate your purposes.