Plant a sapling with the cremains of your loved ones

The grief of losing someone you loved is not measurable at all and neither can be compared with any other loss in this world. The whole world can only sympathize with you. This is going to be a long journey for you but it's not the memories of them will leave you. You can think of ways to keep them forever with you. One way to let them be present in this nature is by using the cremation ashes to plant a tree.

To plant a sapling using the ashes is one way to maintain the balance in the circle of life. The cremation ashes can be used with soil to plant and work out the grief. Trees can take decades to show their height; in the meantime, watching your loved one's ash grow from a tiny sapling to a healthy tree is more than just symbolically satisfying. “It’s almost like an interactive grief process.

There have been many pieces of research around the world and it is known that the ashes contain a high level of sodium and also have high pH which is not good for a plant. Hence before doing plantation either the person must treat the soil with proper pesticides or opt for an eco-friendly urn which is now present in the market and makes the process of degrading in the natural substance which helps the tree grow. This has been a recent practice because people have understood the importance of nature and have started contributing at an individual level.

Plantations can be done on different scales which are either one family planting one tree and then scatter the cremains every time someone leaves them from their family. The other way around this is having a part of the land in a cemetery where they can plant one tree in name of an individual member of the family when they leave us but their memories don’t. This practice is initiated by NGOs in associations with the churches and cemeteries which makes the process easier for the families who just lost a part of their family.

Its the body that departed not the soul

This is indeed a very unique practice which in turn is helping nature and also it gives us the sense of them being around and still growing with us. Which makes us feels a little less alone and sad when their bodies departed from this world.

Someone said, “ I want coming generations to visit their ancestors but not in the graveyards full of stones but in greenery in the birds chirping around.”

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