Top 10 Best Wedding Centerpiece Ideas

The wedding bells are ringing and you’re checking off item after item on your wedding planning to-do list. Centerpieces seem simple compared to the other elements of your big day, but between settling on designs and sourcing everything you need, they can take more time than you expect.

That’s why every couple should start planning their centerpieces early. To jumpstart your design, get inspired by this list of the best wedding centerpiece ideas. 

1. Classy Candelabras:

Candelabras have a simple elegance that fits any reception’s aesthetic. They’re also easy to manage and arrange, saving time for you or your decorator.

Find floor standing or tabletop candelabras in any color you want and accent them with flowers or fabric arranged around their bases.

2. Warm Wood Slices:

If you’re going for a rustic feel, hop onto a popular centerpiece trend: wood slices. These are slices from a tree with the bark still attached around the edges.

They make fantastic centerpiece bases you can decorate with tealights, flowers, or anything else you choose.

3. Mirrors and Tealights:

What if you want your centerpieces to shine a light on your reception but you don’t want them to take up too much space? All it takes is using the right materials. 

Use a mirror as the base for your centerpiece and top it with tealights, votive cups, or other small candle holders. You can add other décor to the mirrors if you choose as well. The mirrors will amplify the light from your small candles and light up the room.

4.Multiple Bouquet Levels:

For wedding centerpieces, it doesn’t get more classic than flower bouquets. If you want to mix it up, though, opt for different heights of bouquets.

Some centerpieces may be less than a foot tall while others tower above guests’ heads. This creates a more varied look.

5.Fruit-Filled Vases:

Fruit has been an emerging favorite in wedding centerpieces, and it seems it’s here to stay. Your centerpieces could be as simple as vases filled with fruits that fit your color scheme.

These centerpieces are especially popular in bright summer weddings. You can tweak the fruit to make it fit any season, though. For example, red cherries could be perfect for a winter reception. 

6. Mason Jar Mystique:

For country couples, mason jars provide an unmatched level of rustic charm. You can customize yours with ribbon, burlap, paint, and other decorative elements. Then use them as flower vases or candle holders to complete the look. 

7.Going Green: 

You spend all this time and money on your wedding centerpieces, only to toss them out or pack them in a closet after the big day. If you want a natural, earthy feel to your reception, though, you have another option.

Try using potted plants as your centerpieces. You can decorate them to fit your aesthetic, and after the reception, you can raise the plants yourself or give them away as gifts.

8.Lovely Lamps:

Individual lamps make for beautiful centerpieces with a soft light your guests will enjoy. You can surround them with flowers and other decorations.

The lamps themselves will depend on the look you want, whether you want them all to match or you want a unique, vintage-looking lamp on each table.

9.Activity Centerpieces:

Your centerpieces don’t have to be decorations alone. They can also give your guests some extra entertainment and give you some mementos from your wedding. 

Use decorative bowls with slips of paper nearby. Ask guests to fill the bowl with memories of you as a couple, marriage advice, date night ideas, or whatever you choose.   

10.Picture Perfect Décor:

If you want custom centerpieces, it doesn’t get more custom than pictures of you and your soon-to-be spouse. There are plenty of ways to do this depending on your reception’s style.

You could choose frames that fit into your design and spruce them up with other decorative pieces or decoupage your pictures onto vases and other materials. 

Finding the Best Wedding Centerpiece Ideas for Your Special Day

Your wedding is meant to represent you as a couple and the personalities you’re joining together. Every couple’s décor should be as unique as they are, so your centerpieces need to fit your aesthetic. The best wedding centerpieces ideas above can be a handy starting point.

To start shopping for your unique centerpiece materials today, shop our candle holders and other stylish handmade pieces.

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