What Is Cremation Urn Vault ?

Before we explain what is an urn vault , let me first define, what is an urn ? An urn is a jar , vase or you can say a container, which comes in varied shapes and sizes and is used to hold ashes of your loved ones securely and can be placed at home or Columbarium. 

Now, you might be thinking, what is columbarium ?

Ans. Columbarium is a building or a room for memorial urns to be stored.

Let us come back to the topic ( what is urn vault ?) we need to discuss under this article. 

Urn vault also known as burial vault is a large size sealed secured container, which holds a cremation urn. Vault is required only if someone is planning to bury urns in certain cemeteries.

What is a cemetery ?

Ans. Cemeteries are allocated place, where in the ashes of the deceased are laid to rest in specific burial sites.

Many cemeteries require vault, if the deceased's family is planning to ground burial of an urn. 

As far as vault material is concerned, usually non biodegradable materials are used, such as stone, metal, plastic and fiberglass. Also there are some cemeteries, requiring cremation urn vault to be made of concrete.  

Why Urn Vault ?

Ans. Reason, why urn vault is required by cemeteries is because, it protects the cremated ashes and the urn from various environmental factors such as dust, water and insects . These vaults safeguard cremation urn from rust and helps maintaining the stability of the grave and also preventing sink holes. 

How much urn vault cost ?

Usually the price ranges from $95 to $500 depends upon what material the vault is made of. Concrete is usually the cheapest material, followed by plastic.  Marble and bronze vaults are on expensive side.

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