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20 Inch tall 5 arm Crystal Globe Candelabras

20 Inch tall 5 arm Crystal Globe Candelabras

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Product Description

Material Used:
Crystal Beads & Aluminium

Height: 19 INCH (APPROX)

Package Weight:
5.7 lbs (1 pc)

Silver Plated

Not Included

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About Crystal Wedding Candelabras:-

A five-arm crystal candelabra is an ornate and elegant lighting fixture designed to hold multiple candles. These candelabras are often used as decorative pieces in homes, event venues, and formal settings. Here are some key features and considerations regarding five arm crystal candelabras:

Design and Construction:

Number of Arms: As the name suggests, a five-arm candelabra has five branches or arms that extend from a central stem or base.

Crystal Elements: These candelabras are adorned with crystal elements, which can include prisms, beads, or other decorative pieces made of crystal. The crystals refract light, creating a dazzling display.


Metal: The frame of the candelabra is typically made of metal, such as brass, chrome, or silver. This provides stability and serves as a framework for the crystal embellishments.

Crystal: High-quality crystal, such as lead crystal, is commonly used for the decorative elements. This adds a touch of luxury and sophistication to the candelabra.

Size and Dimensions:

Height: Five-arm crystal candelabras can vary in height, but they are generally designed to be a prominent centerpiece or focal point in a room. Sizes can range from tabletop versions to larger, floor-standing models.

Width: The width is determined by the span of the arms, and it's important to consider the available space for placement.

Use and Placement:

Decorative Lighting: These candelabras are often used for decorative lighting in formal settings, such as dining rooms, entryways, or event spaces.

Centerpieces: Smaller versions may be used as tabletop centerpieces for special occasions or events like weddings and banquets.


Cleaning: Crystal elements may require careful cleaning to maintain their sparkle. Soft cloths and gentle cleaning solutions are typically recommended to avoid damage.


Traditional: Many five-arm crystal candelabras feature a classic, timeless design with intricate detailing.

Contemporary: Some models may incorporate modern or contemporary elements to suit a more eclectic or updated aesthetic.

Availability and Cost:

Availability: These candelabras can be found in specialty lighting stores, home decor shops, and online retailers.

Cost: The price can vary widely depending on factors such as the quality of materials, brand, and design intricacy. High-quality crystal and craftsmanship may result in a higher cost.

When considering a five-arm crystal candelabra, it's essential to think about the overall decor of the space, the intended use, and the desired aesthetic. Whether used for ambient lighting or as a striking decorative piece, these candelabras can add a touch of opulence and sophistication to any setting.

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