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Set of 2 Black Pillar Candle Holders

Set of 2 Black Pillar Candle Holders

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Product Description

Material Used:  Wrought Iron (Metal )

Style: Modern

Dimensions: Height: 6.5 INCH Large one |  5.25 INCH Small one.  

Package Weight: 0.780 Kgs (Set )

Finish: Black 

Pillar Candles: Not Included

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About Pillar Candle Holders:-

Our Black pillar candle holder set of 2 pieces, typically consist of two candle holders designed to hold pillar candles. These candle holders are made of metal (Iron) and they come in various designs and styles to suit different preferences and decor themes.

Here are some general characteristics of our black pillar candle holder sets:

Material: Black pillar candle holders can be made of various materials, including wrought iron, cast iron, steel, aluminum, wood, or glass. Each material offers its own unique aesthetic and durability.

Design: The design of the candle holders can vary widely, from simple and minimalist to ornate and decorative. Some may feature intricate patterns, motifs, or embellishments, while others may have a more sleek and modern look.

Size: Our Pillar candle holders come in different sizes to accommodate various sizes of pillar candles. But our pillar candle holder sizes are 6.5 “ inch tall and 5.25” Inch tall with upper plate has 4” inch in wide. Make sure to check the dimensions of the candle holders to ensure they can accommodate the size of candles you plan to use.

Set of Two: Most black pillar candle holder sets include two candle holders, allowing you to create a symmetrical display or use them in different areas of your home. Having a set of two also provides versatility in styling and decorating.

Usage: Pillar candle holders are specifically designed to hold pillar candles securely in place. They can be used as standalone decorative pieces or as part of a centerpiece on a dining table, mantel, or sideboard.

Maintenance: SIMCS’s pillar candle holders are very easy to maintain just you need to wipe the candle stands every week  from a soft cotton fabric. 

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